By Admin - 20-Mar-2024

7th Edition of Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Material Science & Expo Hybrid Conference.

Linkin Science welcomes you all to the 7th Edition of Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine and Material Science Hybrid Conference, with the theme New Technologies and trending applications in the field of Nanotechnology and Material Science which will be hosted in Naples, Italy during October 1-3, 2024.

Nanotechnology is rapidly gaining traction across a range of industries, from agriculture to water treatment to energy storage. Nanotechnology is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge areas of scientific study and it continues to advance at staggering rates. Nanoparticles for chemotherapy drug carriers have made some of the greatest advancements in cancer treatment. By using nanocarriers to treat patients, treatments can focus on targeting cancerous cells and limit the damage to healthy cells. We anticipate attendance at the 7th Conference Meet will catalyze ideas and enhance new interdisciplinary collaborations.Our exciting scientific program will be presented over the course of three days in six session types – Keynote Presentations, Oral sessions, young research forum, Workshops, Poster sessions and Exhibitions.